Built for the Technology Age

Our leader Mr. Khurram Sheikh has assembled a dynamic management team of industry pioneers, entrepreneurs, operating executives, and market makers who have significant public and private sector experiences to source the next generation of transformative technologies and applications.

We are staunch believers in the power of technology and design-thinking in creating disruptive human experiences, and we are convinced that the new age of technology ushers in transformational change. The team’s diverse skill sets of creative ideation, product innovation, industry development, operational excellence and scale engineering blend together to provide a unique view of how businesses should function in the new age of technology.


Khurram Sheikh
Chairman & CEO
Mr. Khurram Sheikh
Directs CXApp’s positioning as The Workplace SuperApp and cements pioneering hybrid workplace solution as a ‘category-maker’

CEO, Khurram Sheikh, is a global citizen having grown up and lived on three continents, an innovator who helped pioneer mobile technologies, networks, software and applications.

Khurram’s passion for transformational change will now be focused on realizing the vision of the Workplace Super App centered around the employee experience. An engineer by training with 12 issued US patents, Khurram has been leading transformational projects since his days as a summer intern at Sprint from Stanford in 1996 to his current role as the CEO of KINS Technology Group- in between he has worked across the whole technology stack from Silicon to SaaS.

Khurram is an avid traveler, sports enthusiast and family man…you will not be surprised to find him on the weekends at a kid’s gaming party or at an international sports stadium.

Technologist, business leader, and cricket fan, Khurram is super-excited to help shape the future of work.

Di-Ann Eisnor
Ms. Di-Ann Eisnor

Ms. Di-Ann Eisnor has served as a member of our board of directors since August 2020. Since November 2019, Ms. Eisnor has served as Co-Founder and CEO of Core, a venture-backed construction labor marketplace. Before that, from February 2019 until October 2019, she was an executive of The We Company, a part of the We Work Companies, where she was responsible for development of their cities platform. Prior to that, Ms. Eisnor served as Director of Urban Systems at Google, from June 2018 until February 2019. Previously, Ms. Eisnor was with Waze, Inc., a crowd-sourced navigation and real-time traffic application owned by Alphabet, Inc., for 10 years, most recently serving as the VP Platform and Director of Growth. Prior to joining Waze, Ms. Eisnor was co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Platial Inc., a collaborative, user-generated cartographic website. Ms. Eisnor currently serves on the board of Saia Inc. (Nasdaq: SAIA) and Gray Area Foundation for the Arts. She is a venture partner at Obvious Ventures and is co-founder with Lupe Fiasco of Neighborhood Start Fund, a neighborhood-based micro-fund in underserved urban neighborhoods. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art and Business Administration from New York University. She is a 2014 Henry Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network. Ms. Eisnor is well qualified to serve on our board because of her extensive experience advising boards of directors of public and private companies and her extensive professional experience.

Camillo Martino
Mr. Camillo Martino

Mr. Camillo Martino has served as a member of our Board of Directors since August 2020. Mr. Martino was a senior global semiconductor company executive and now serves as a board member and executive advisor to many global technology companies. Prior to his current board roles, Mr. Martino was a chief executive officer and C-suite executive of a number of high technology companies worldwide. He is currently Chair of the Board of Directors of Magnachip Semiconductor (NYSE: MX) and has served on this Board since August 2016. Since 2018, he has also served on the Board of Directors at Sensera (ASX: SE1). Mr. Martino also serves on the Board of Directors at multiple privately-held companies, including VVDN Technologies (fastest growing ODM based in India with a focus on Wireless, Networking & IoT) and Sakuu Corporation (multi-material, multi-process Additive Manufacturing platform). Mr. Martino’s prior board service includes serving on the boards of Cypress Semiconductor from June 2017 through the sale of the company to Infineon in April 2020 and Moschip Technologies (BOM: 532407) from April 2017 to May 2019. As an operating executive, Mr. Martino served as Chief Executive Officer of Silicon Image, Inc. (where he also served as a director) from 2010 until the completion of its sale to Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (Nasdaq: LSCC) in March 2015, Chief Operating Officer of SAI Technology Inc. from January 2008 to December 2009 (where he also served as director from 2006 to 2010), and Chief Executive Officer of Cornice Inc. from 2005 to 2007 (where he also served as a director). From August 2001 to July 2005, Mr. Martino served as the executive vice president and chief operating officer at Zoran Corporation, a global SoC semiconductor company. Prior to that, Mr. Martino held multiple positions with National Semiconductor Corporation for a total of nearly 14 years. Mr. Martino holds a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Melbourne and a Graduate Diploma (in Digital Communications) from Monash University in Australia. Mr. Martino is well qualified to serve on our board because of his extensive experience advising boards of directors of public and private companies and his extensive professional experience.

George Mathai

Mr. George Mathai has enjoyed decades working, consulting, and investing in early stage and small businesses at the crossroads of distinct technologies, multiple industries and novel markets. A technically trained business professional, his early experience in bridge design and infrastructure repair was at Edwards & Kelcey in New York, now Jacobs Engineering. In January 1993, Mr. Mathai transitioned to managing renovations projects and gaining strong communications and project execution skills, while driving revenue and profitability, at a small New York construction company. As a founder, he later parlayed his prior management and technical expertise in leading the biosensor development program at GenoRx in June 2000, an early stage, venture-backed concern in Hayward, California. His team accomplished a manufacturable process for detecting DNA electronically on a silicon biochip with the eventual sale of the technology to Bridger Technologies in April 2011. Thereafter, Mr. Mathai helped raise financing for an innovative antibiotic skin care start-up and worked to fundraise for an early-stage immune-mediated cancer therapeutic while at a boutique brokerage firm Objective Equity LLC. Overlapping these endeavors, were local business interests in retail, as well as due diligence consulting for mergers and acquisitions. The above broad and varied interests are also reflected in his educational history which includes bachelors and masters in civil engineering from University of California, Berkeley (May 1989) and City College of New York (June 1992), respectively, as well as, most recently upskilling at CalTech’s cybersecurity program (December 2020). Mr. Mathai’s extensive experience in several diverse industries, markets and customer types will bring a unique and inestimable resource to the board.

Shanti Priya

Ms. Shanti Priya has been the CFO of Maxfield Enterprises, Inc., a luxury retail company based in Los Angeles and has been leading the organization’s finance and operations since February 2018. Prior to that, Ms. Priya worked for over 12 years in corporate finance at Gap Inc. with her last role at the company as the Global Director of FP&A and Control overseeing the North American, European, and Asian markets. Before transitioning into a career in finance, Ms. Priya worked as a Producer managing content creation at a tech start-up, Knowledge Kids Network, an online educational media site. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Honors English Literature with a minor in Biology from Scripps College. In addition, she holds a Master of Arts in Print Journalism and a Master of Business Administration both from the University of Southern California. Ms. Priya also serves on the board and as treasurer of Secular Student Alliance, a non-profit organization that educates high school and college students regarding secularism and scientific reasoning. She has previously served on the board of Sequoyah School, a non-profit private school serving the ages from K-8. Ms. Priya is well qualified to serve on our board of directors because of her substantial financial and operations experience.